It was an honor representing INDIA at the recently concluded KANSAS CITY ETHNIC ENRICHMENT FESTIVAL.Its a three day festival which is held in Swope Park, in Kansas  City. A weekend full of celebrations. Music, food, dance, fashion, you name it and its there. US is a country which has residents or citizens from across the world. All these people from different parts of the world,who bring with them their unique flavors and lend to the flavor profile of the great American plate. So this weekend seeked to celebrate these different unique flavors. More than 60 participating countries celebrating in a festival which seeks to create an understanding an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Our slot was on Sunday, the last day of the festival. every country was given a certain time slot, and they had to present anything on stage which represented their culture and their uniqueness.

The INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF KANSAS CITY  had planned their slot well. A Fashion show celebrating Indian outfits. From Sarees, to lehengas, from anarkalis to patialas, we had it all on show. And we also shared the stage with our daughters.

Choreographed by Kansas City based Fashion Designer and Choreographer Preeti Gandhi, it was a show which had the audience asking or an encore.

The colors, the fabrics, the ladies and the tiny gentleman all summed together to make it a great show.

India itself is a country of diversities, and Unity in diversity is something, we live by everyday. So even the stage representation had to bear that spirit.

If there as a fashions how celebrating Indian fashion, there was the BHARATNATYAM food offering dance.

Followed by a beautiful KATHAK rendition.

And if we are celebrating INDIA,how can BOLLYWOOD be far behind. Yes, we decided to hold an impromptu BOLLYWOOD DANCE SESSION for anyone who was interested. Shaking  leg to the latest desi chartbusters with a  bunch of KC kids was indeed a great experience.

The LATKAS, the JHATKAS and the THUMKAS were not to be missed.

It was total Paisa Wasool kinda fun for everyone. Those of us on stage had a great time performing and the audience had a great time soaking in all the fun. Win Win as they say.

Time for some some photos with all the other Fashionable ladies who took the stage with us. It was an honor and a pleasure to represent INDIA.

Huge Thank you to my husband for the lovely photographs all day.

Then it was time to literally let our hair down and explore the festival. There were tents or stalls from every participating country. From kinck knacks to clothes to food and drinks, every country was offering their best. We decided to stick to food. You could not miss the smoke from the meat on the grills, floating about, or the sheer power of aromas of all the different cuisine, which could take your taste buds for a craving. Our Food journey had to commence fast.

Started off with NIGERIA. It was GOAT CURRY and a sweet fritter called POP POP.

Followed by ETHIOPIA. A lovely chicken curry with a heady dose onions. Very similar to the Chicken Rezala I felt.

Then it was time to sample the famous CHICKEN ADOBO and PORK KEBABS from PHILLIPPINES.

We were so full that we had to literally had to collapse on the hay bales, to recover from the food coma. A bit more exploring and it as time bid farewell to Swope Park this year.

It was indeed a unique experience celebrating the cultural diversities of so many countries.

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