Tuesday, February 24, 2015


A very special friend of mine, Srijita, had been requesting me for the last few years, to share my tips on the perfect Foundation and Concealer. The Formulas, the brushes and the works. Make up has always had a prominent part in all our conversations, and she has always asked me to put it all down in a post. But I continued to ramble through random chats and the odd phone calls,whenever anyone needed any make -up related advice. So today, I thought of putting down the ramblings and am sure it would become a semi-decent post.

The key to Great Make-Up is a Great Base. If your Base is patchy or faulty, no matter how much you try to work on it, the results shall be nowhere good. So before you make plans for the latest red carpet Smoky Eye, work on your BASE. Its like Mathematics. You need to master Simple Arithmetic,to go ahead with Algebra. Am sure you get the drift.

What exactly am I rattling on about Base?? Base refers to Foundation, Concealer and Powder.  This Holy Trinity is what makes the difference. When you wear make-Up on your face, you don't want to look like you have just dunked your face in some whipped cream and decided to go about town. You want to highlight your features, camouflage your flaws,and make your skin look as flawless as possible.

Lets begin with FOUNDATION: 

It always makes sense to get your Foundation Matched by an expert. No use trying to guess what your color/shade could be. The best way is to pick out three shades,which you think are closest to you. Test them out near your jawline. The shade which blends and can't be seen,is the correct shade for you. never try to go dark or go light.

All of us have an Undertone to our Skin. Either Warm or Cool or Neutral. So its important to determine what undertone you are. A warm undergone will have Yellow notes to the Skin,while a Cool Undertone will be more Pink. And there are the blessed few who are Neutral. I have a warm Undertone.

Foundations should be different at different times of the year. If you are lucky then you can stretch the same formula throughout the year. But lets just face it, its not practical. In Summer, when we pick up a Tan, our  Foundation shade changes, and so does the formula. We settle for water Based Foundation Formulas like MAC Face and Body Foundation, which are also waterproof. the last thing you want is that your make up washing away in sweat. While in winter, we can settle in for the slightly heavier formulas like MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. A drug store alternative is REVLON COLOR STAY FOUNDATION. It comes in two formulas: One each for Normal to Dry Skin and the Other for Oily Skin.

While choosing a Foundation, the next thing which matters, is the Coverage we are looking for. If its a light to medium coverage is what appeals you, then opt for Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation or MAC Face and Body Foundation. Both of these Foundations can be built up to have a full Coverage. if you are looking for a Full Coverage Foundation, then opt for MAC Match Master Foundation or MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. 

Finally is there Flash Photography involved? Some foundations have SPF or Titanium dioxide in Them,which causes a White Cast in Flash Photography. Yes, I have been guilty of the ghost face in my younger days without a care in the world. Now I am more than extra careful. If I know I mainly outdoors, I know I can get away with foundations with SPF in it,and I would also need it,by all means. But if its an indoor event, I take no chances. All BB Creams ahem SPF in them,and therefore do not photograph that well. My favorite Foundation to be photographed in, would be MAC Face and Body Foundation.  A Drug store alternative is REVLON PHOTOREADY FOUNDATION. A problem child in this regard is the URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN FOUNDATION. Nowhere do the ingredients speak of SPF or Titanium Dioxide,but it leaves a horrible white cast in photographs. I have tried it on various occasion,s and whenever threes flash photography involved, it has let me down. But its a wonderful formula to wear during the day,and has stayed put on the skin, even on long road trips.

Moisturize Moisturize very well, before you start your make up. This prevents the Foundation from clinging to dry patches on your Skin.

How do you Apply your Foundation? I opt for a Flat Foundation Brush to apply the foundation, then smooth it all out with a damp Beauty Blender Sponge. You could also use a Buffing Brush or a Stippling Brush for a closer to skin finish. and make sure you go beyond your jawline,and blend it well.


We all have the odd spot on the face, the prominent zit which comes up before a big day or the super dark circles. Concealers come in to pack in the extra punch. The foundation cannot hide these specific  imperfections. So opt for a Concealer which matches your skin tone, to cover up any spots or zits.

For the under eye circles, opt for a Concealer which is two shades lighter than your skin tone, and of a different Undertone. That will help cancel out the redness and darkness under the eyes. This is one trick which will take away all traces of lack of sleep from your face. With a Concealer Brush, apply the concealer in the form of a triangle below the eyes. Use a damp Beauty Blender sponge to smooth it out.

You could also use the lighter concealer on the bridge of your nose and on the Cupid's Bow to highlight.

My favorite Concealer is MAC PROLONGWEAR CONCEALER,as a single pump dispenses enough product to cover both under eyes. A Drug Store alternative is MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER. Its not as thick as Prolongwear but does a decent job.

Last but not the least POWDER. You have worked hard on your Foundation and concealer, but you forget your Powder,and it all melts away to oblivion. You need to powder at least the TZone if you are not too fond of Powders. While some may sing all praises for Translucent Powders, I am not too fond of them. Some translucent powders will have Silica dust in them, and they have a similar white cast on your face in flash photography. The best option is to opt for a good quality colored powder. My choice is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural. Its a fool proof option. I use a large fluffy brush to apply powder after I have done my Foundation and Concealer.

Phew,that was long. I seem to have rambled on and on. So go ahead and give it a try. Cheers to Make Up Mania !!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Biriyani is surely a strong life force for a Bengali Foodie. The Biriyani, a Bengali usually grows up with, all around town, is the Awadhi/Lucknawi variety. Rice and flavored meat slow cooked together,with a helping of boiled potatoes and boiled eggs. The rice grains are a mix of milky white and pale yellow. When you open a pot of Biriyani, the sweet aroma of Saffron whiffs to your noses. Its a complex note of flavors and fragrances which make for the perfect symphony on the taste buds.

With that somewhat elaborate introduction of what my ideal Biriyani is, am sure you are well aware that I could be a strong critic when someone mentions Biriyani. 

Our first encounter with the Paradise Biriyani Point Franchisee was in December 2013, when we were visiting friends in Louisville,Kentucky. Our friends mentioned how this franchisee was creating storms in their neck of the woods. While driving back to our Hotel that night, Hubby tried to pitch in the idea of maybe trying to get a Franchisee of this Biriyani place. It was surely his love for good Biriyani which was speaking. 
Almost a year later, Kansas City got its very own, PARADISE BIRIYANI POINT franchisee. They had opened at a location, where an old Indian restaurant called MASALAS,had had to shut its doors, under two different sets of owners. 

No I don't believe in superstition about how ill fated the location was. 

I was more interested in how they made their Biriyani.

No, I have never been to Hyderabad,so no chance of me Sampling the famous Biriyani from the eatery called PARADISE.

This franchisee had a play with words, in luring its customers. You could almost think it was a subsidiary of the famous Hyderabadi joint, but in fact it was an offshoot from New Jersey( or so I have heard).  Correct me if I am wrong on this.

One of my first parameters of testing a Biriyani, is to check the rice grains. They should not be Soggy.And this mean Biriyani passed the first test. The grains were like little bits of pearl and each grain had almost kept its own identity,even in a complex rice and meat dish like Biriyani.

Although this Chain claimed to cook Hyderabadi Biriyani, but it surely wooed the Kolkattans with their addition of the Boiled Egg in the Biriyani. Now that's Biriayni which is surely influenced by more than 'School of Biriyani Making'.

As the Biriyani would take some time, we started off with a serving of Chicken 65  for us and  Plain Dosa for our Toddler. The Dosa was really thin and crisp and it satisfied the taste buds of a picky Toddler. Much better than the Dosa being currently served the other Desi KC restaurants.

The Chicken 65 used to be a favorite at the older establishment. I am not aware if they have retained the same Chefs,but it was cooked to perfection for sure.

Coming back to the Hallowed discussion of our favorite Biriyani. The server had asked us for our Preferred Level of Heat. This was a first for us as Biriyani is never Hot. We settled for a Medium level of Heat. It had a nice kick to it, but although I love my share of spicy food,next time I would try out the Milder option and see if it alters the overall taste or not.

The Biriyani was served in small Stainless Steel Handis which was quite sweet in a way. Traditionally Biriyani used to be cooked in these huge Handis,so it was a great play on that. But I had to be careful in spooning it all out,without spilling much on the table,as the container was pretty small. Looking good is something and being practical is another.

  We had ordered for a Goat Biriyani and Chicken Biriyani. Lets just say, we were not too lucky for two orders of Goat Biriyani as the eatery was in a  crazy rush and had run out of the crowd favorite.

We tried the Goat Biriyani first. Our share had Goat Ribs which were beautifully cooked. Perfectly spiced and juicy tender. Even the portion of Goat had the signature touch of heat. They were served with a  side of a cool Raita,which was good to wash everything down. It had also come with another side of a Gravy,which I didn't like much. The Meat to Rice Ratio per serving was good enough.

The Chicken Biriyani however was not as great as its Goat counterpart.  It was a  let down of sorts,at least for me. The Chicken was dry and it had been a victim of over cooking.

The Servers were trying their best to be over friendly . You could feel the tension in their body language. They were almost trying to not let the Jinx of the Location marr the current establishment. But having three different servers constantly coming to your table can be unnerving at times,even for a seasoned Food Blogger. So my only point to the Management would be let the Severs breathe a bit easy. Then the Patrons can enjoy their food better,rather than having to answer the same question over and over again. The Maitre'D looked clearly hassled. She was juggling phone calls and take out orders and seemed to be having a hard day. While she told us, there was no wait time at all, we had landed up waiting for more than half an hour, with an active toddler in tow.

And lest I forget, their High Chairs were in need of Repair.  We tried all of their available High Chairs and All of them had their straps or locks defunct. My toddler would try  to stand up all through the meal and thought it was a fun thing to do. Not every calming for any parent. So she landed on my lap after some time.

The Food is definitely  good,but the Management surely needs to pull up their socks when it comes training their staff in handling a rush. And Maybe Cloth Napkins. Paper Napkins are no good,when it comes to heavy duty greasy Indian Food.

Whether or not will I go back there? Well, I will surely go back for the Biriyani. But maybe opt for a Take Out.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Weeknight dinners tend to get boring and repetitive at times. You are either struck by Monday Blues or a mid week crisis hits you harder than usual. And  more often than not, its the Kitchen,which takes a toll. So the Man sensed that one of the two were about to happen, and he took charge. He sent me off for some quality Couch Time with my favorite YouTube Beauty Videos. He took over the Kitchen for the evening. He made sure that a normal Weeknight Dinner became something more than Normal. He decided to make some Chicken Cutlets.

So while I let my hair down and put my feet up,the man hammered away and fried away. I did sneak in every now and then to try and take a few pictures,but its difficult to document his cooking,as he will not stop, for you to try and take a proper picture.

Kolkata Puritans will probably have their own theory about Chicken Cutlets and how they are made. But this particular Dinner which was whipped by the man, had a different inspiration altogether.

Having a toddler at home means that you watch Disney Junior more than usual. And sometimes even after the toddler is sound asleep in her room, in her white toddler bed in her super pink room, Mommy Daddy forget to change the Channel to something Non-Disney for a change. It was during one of those times, that both Mommy and Daddy had come across a particular episode of Disney Junior Night Light,featuring Helen Cavallo. And she had made some Chicken Cutlets. That was surely the inspiration for Daddy for that particular weeknight dinner.

We did not have Chicken Breast, in the freezer, as the recipe demanded. But we had a few portions of Boneless Chicken Thighs. And I must tell you, once I bit into the Chicken Cutlet on my plate, I was happy that he had used the Thighs, instead of the Breast,as it was so juicy. The cutlets had the perfect crunchy exterior yet were perfectly cooked and succulent inside. Yes, I stay in Kansas City, the home of Pan Fried Chicken. But the Husband's Chicken Cutlet  can surely give them a run for their money,for the sheer amount of taste he managed to pack in.

The Man always has some Aces up his sleeve whenever he is doing anything creative, The Chicken Cutlets were no exception.  Cayenne Pepper, Parmesan, Parsley, Paprika spell magic when woven together.


Recipe Inspiration: Helen Cavallo's Chicken Cutlets 

Chicken Breast or Thigh
Bread Crumbs/Panko Bread Crumbs
Cayenne Pepper
Canola Oil: To Fry
Parmesan Cheese: Grated
Ginger/Garlic paste: To Marinate


Take the chicken pieces and put each piece within two pieces of Plastic Wrap. Place them on your cutting board and tenderize with a Meat Tenderizer.

Make a marinade of Ginger-Garlic Paste, Cayenne Pepper and Salt. Marinate the flattened Chicken Pieces in this marinade for at least an hour. Overnight marination is ideal.

Make a dredging station. Beat two eggs in a flat deep dish. In another dish, add in Bread crumbs, salt, paprika and chopped parsley/dried parsley. Dredge the chicken cutlets and keep aside. The Man ahad used Panko Breadcrumbs.

In a Non stick pan, heat some oil on medium heat and fry the chicken cutlets till they are golden in color.

Serve warm

Bon Appetit !!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


If its Ilish Maachh, you are bound to over eat. Yes, that's exactly the case with me. I have had my share of breakfast, lunch and dinner, all in the form of my Ilish Maachh platter,some time back. So I knew I had to pen this down, even though I am reeling in and out of Ilish Maachh induced Food Coma.

No matter what time of the year it is, one of the easiest the ways to a true Bong's heart, is through a plate of hot steamed rice and Shorshe Bata Ilish. The decadent mustard sauce, in which the Ilish is slowly cooked has everyone salivating,at all times.

I wanted to introduce my daughter to this quintessential Bengali taste. As long as I tackled the bones,and kept a tab on my favorite level of heat, I was confident she would love it as much her parents did. And it was a success. The one and half year old, picked on the white fish slowly at first,and then tucked away,forgetting all about the steamed rice on her tray. Mommy surely did the Happy Dance all round the kitchen and living room.

My Mom and Grandmom had been puritans when it came to cooking fish. Ff the Fish was not as Fresh,  as they liked, they would lightly Fry it, or saute it, before cooking it in the Curry. SNatlano, as its called in Bengali.Since I was introducing the toddler to Ilish Maachh(which was from the frozen Aisle in the Bangladeshi store), I decided to Flash Fry the fish pieces,before coooking them in the rich mustard gravy. However,when I had first posted pictures of this batch of Shorshe Bata Ilish, I received the flak, from many. How could I fry my Ilish Maach, in a predominantly Bhapa Preparation. And I went on to explain,Mommy's idea of SNatlano to them. So I decided to not call my dish, Bhapa Ilish, but simply call it Shorshe Bata Ilish: Hilsa in Mustard Sauce


Hilsa/Ilish Maach : 1 Medium sized Fish, cut into Bengali style steaks. Scales Removed
Turmeric Powder: 2 tsp plus 1 tsp
Salt: To taste
Mustard Oil: 4 tbsp
Mustard Paste: 2 tbsp
Sugar: 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder: 1 tsp(according to heat preferences)
Shredded Coconut: 1 tbsp
Yogurt: 2 tbsp

 Pat the fish prices dry with a clean paper towel and smear them with salt and turmeric powder. Leave them aside for around ten minutes.

In a non stick pan, add the mustard oil and heat it. When the oil is hot enough, gently place in the fish and lightly saute them or flash fry them. You could skip this step, if the fish you are using is fresh. We don't have that luxury.

Remove from heat and keep aside.

Meanwhile make a paste of turmeric powder, mustard oil, mustard paste, salt, sugar, shredded coconut ,red chili powder and yogurt.

Add a dash of water and dunk the sautéed Fish pieces in it. Add Green Chilies slit longitudinally.

You could steam this in a steel tiffin box in a Pressure Cooker or you could bake it in a Pre heated oven at 350F for around 15 to 20 minutes,depending on how thickly the fish steaks are cut.

Serve hot with steamed Basmati Rice.

Bon Appetit !!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Its Makar Shankranti today. The Harvest festival which is celebrated with much fanfare in almost every Bengali household. While not all families have an agrarian background, they join in the celebrations with a special array of sweets,called Pithe. If there was ever a Queen of Pithes, it surely is Pati Shapta.  Pati Shapta are Crepes filled with caramelised coconut, all flavored with a generous helping of green cardamom.

While I have a self confessed sweet tooth, I had never ventured into the field of Pithe Making. Shankrantis during our growing up years, were all about feasting on a wide variety of Pithe at home. Some were made at home, some were Grandma's specialties and some came in from the neighbors. You could literally feast on the delicacies all day and still have more. Ever since I left Kolkata, I missed the bounty during this time of the year. While in Delhi, I would take a auto rickshaw up to C R Park( The Bong Hub), and pack up some Pithe and Patishapta from Annapurna Sweets,along with some Nolen Gurer Shondesh.

But all these years in the Midwest only meant,that if you wanted to eat some Bengali delicacies, you had to make it yourself. there was no Mom to whip it up, or no Annapurna Sweets to pick it up from. Every year I wake up to a million gazillion posts on Social media on all that's been made. And I salivate a bit more at this end. I binge eat on junk food all day, to try and forget the tastes, I am missing so far.

I had thought this year would be no different. But it surely turned out to be. All the Pithe Posts on social media drove me so crazy,that I decided to venture out of my comfort zone. I decided to make Pati Shapta. All from scratch. I have heard in Kolkata, you get packaged and portioned Patishapta Mixes available at many departmental stores.  I had no such luck. A quick browsing through my pantry revealed that I had no Khoa(dry kheer), Nolen Gur(Date Palm Jaggery) and Rice Flour. So I had to make do without those, without compromising on the taste. So voila, I cam up with some hacks. The Puritans might frown at it,but it satisfied my Bong soul on Shankranti and I am happy with it.

So here's what I came up with. I gave the rice flour a miss, as I found the idea of grinding rice in a coffee grinder too painstaking. I stuck to All Purpose Flour and Semolina.

Rather than normal shredded frozen coconut, I decided to use Sweetened Coconut Flakes,from the baking Aisle.

Now for the biggest hack. My Husband could not guess that the Patishapta I had made, was made without Gur. I Used Dulce de Leche(caramelised  condensed milk) to make the coconut filling along with a heady dose of green cardamom. yes you heard it right. It worked wonders, I must tell you. And there wa sno compromise on the taste. The dulce de Leche along with crushed green cardamom was cooked slowly with the coconut flakes. Slow cooking sealed the deal in making it super decadent.

The best part was when my almost two year old daughter, smiled her way through her very first Patishapta.It turned out to be Shubho Shankranti after all.


Makes 8


All Purpose Flour : 1 cup
Sugar: 5 tbsp
Semolina: 1/3 cup
Whole Milk:  1 cup or more
Green Cardamom Powder : 2 tsp

Sweetened Coconut Flakes: 2 cups (As I had run out of Frozen Grated coconut)
Dulce de Leche: 3/4  tin
Green cardamom Powder : 2-3 tsp
Milk: 1/3 cup

Oil /Ghee :


The Filling : 
In a large pan, on low heat. add some ghee, and add the coconut flakes, and green cardamom and the milk. Once the coconut flakes are re hydrated a bit, add in the Dulce de Leche. With  a wooden spoon, mix it all well. Keep cooking it for around 20 minutes or so, till the mixture has congealed into a sticky mass. Remove from heat.

Mix in the ingredients and whisk in the batter to a thin consistency.  Keep adding the milk slowly to make the batter.  Adjust the amount of milk you want to add, according to the consistency of the batter.

Crepes- Patishapta-Final Assembly : 

I had used a 8 or 9 Inch Non stick pan. The size of the crepes and the amount of batter per crepe will vary proportionately.

Place the pan on medium high heat. With a brush, smear some ghee or canola oil on the pan.

Then ladle 1/3 cup batter on the pan, and twirl the pan, so that the batter is evenly spread. when you see bubbles on the side and when the sides start to change color, then its time to add in the filling .

With a spoon, add in the filling to one side of the crepe, lengthwise. Don't scrimp on it. I had not been too generous on the first crepe and improved from the second one.

With a spatula carefully roll the crepe over and transfer it on to a plate.


You can serve it both warm and at room temperature.

For extra decadence you can drizzle from condensed milk over the Patishapta.

Bon Appetit !!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


 What's not to love about Fall ? The leaves all round are changing colors, and we get an excuse to change up our make up routine. Hello Vibrant Berries, Posh Purples and Ravishing Reds. I love it all.

MAC PURE HEROINE by LORDE !!! Its sheer Purple-Violet magic on the lips. I had been waiting all Summer to rock it in Fall. I was holidaying in India, when MAC had launched this collection. So the Husband was directed to pick it from our local MAC Pro-Store at the Country Club Plaza, before it ran out.

It was Durga Puja a few weeks back. Unlike in India, we Probaashis do not have the luxury of week long celebrations. We have to squeeze in as much of worship, fun and fashion in a single weekend. So everything amps up to a zillion degrees. Its one of those annual events, which have me planning all year round. Which sarees to wear? What accessories to pair them with? and most importantly what Make-Up do I team it all with ?

When you have a Diva for a mom, it makes life a lot easier. Maa handpicked my Pujo Sarees and all of them are bang on. Each one of them was extra special. Thank you Maa !! If I can learn half your style tricks,and can master some of your make-up tricks, I will surely become a Super Diva.

A Purple-Indigo  Mangalgiri Saree with a broad gold border, was my choice to kick start the celebrations.  It had come with its customary blouse piece, which I had even gotten tailored to my current size, during my visit to India in summer. But back home, when I was admiring the sarees for the Nth time, I decided to go for something different. The blouse was doing no justice to the wonderful weave of the saree. So out came the big guns. A hot pink Brocade Blouse, which I had also picked up. It was the perfect contrast.

The sheer amount of compliments which came my way, when I walked into the Pujo, was proof enough the choices were more than perfect. 

For my accessories, I had picked up a purple and pink Statement necklace, which came to the rescue. It had the touch of gold, to tie it all in. A big bright blue Bindi seemed to be the perfect companion.  

Now for the make-up !!!

A sultry Purple-Violet smokey eye might be a no-no for some, but it seemed to be the ideal choice for me. Pujo comes once a year,so its alright to go for the big guns.

When it comes to Foundation, everyone has their favorites. I, for many reasons, stick to my favorite brand, MAC Cosmetics. As my skin is parched dry with changing weather, I opted for MAC Face and Body Foundation. Its  a medium coverage, water based foundation. And you can build it up for increased coverage. The best part is part, it has absolutely no flashback. I knew I would be photographed a lot during these days,so could not take any chances. I used a Flat foundation brush to apply the foundation. Then used a damp Beauty Blender, to smooth it all out.

When you have a baby in the house, you will have dark circles undoubtedly. But the world doesn't need to know that on special days, do they ! So that's where your trusted Concealer comes to the rescue. Not only does it cover dark circles,and blemishes, but also gives that woken up appearance. A concealer in your exact shade match is great for concealing blemishes and spots. For under eyes, and in your cupid's bow, its best to go with concealer, which is two shades lighter than your skin. That just works wonders. The trick is to blend blend and blend. While applying concealer, I used the Deluxe Crease Brush from Real Techniques to apply it,and then used the same damp Beauty Blender to blend it all in. Did I just forget to mention which Concealer I used ? Well, I had used MAC Cosmetics Pro LongWear Concealer, in NW20, which is in two shades lighter than mine. While I am of a warmer undertone, and fall into NCs of Foundations, for the concealer, a different undertone, will work as a color corrector.  Just a single pump, will dispense enough product for covering both under eyes,

Now Concealer is a tricky product. It will slip out on you in a few hours, if you do not take the necessary precautions. So its always best to set it with powder. While any translucent powder works, I am partial to a particular Pressed powder . With Translucent powders, there's always the risk, that they might have silica, which gives off a white flashback in photos. So I opted for MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural in Medium, with a large powder brush to set my foundation. I am the shade Medium. That locks in your base, so that you can party harder and harder.

And now for the Fun part ! The Eyes !! The Purple Eyes !!
For those of you who might be thinking that this post could have been a sponsored post by MAC Cosmetics, for all the products used so far, now here comes a change in the line up. For the Eyes, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lids. Let it settle down for a minute, before you start loading up your eye shadows. Since I was working with darker colors on the yes, and my base was already done, I used some loose translucent powder below the yes, to catch any fallouts. And this loose powder can be brushed away with a fan brush, once the eyes are done.

I used 'Blue Bus', Eye Shadow from Urban Decay with a flat shader brush from the inner corner of the eyes, to the middle. Then with a fluffy crease brush, I used'Gravity', from the middle to the outer corner. These colors were from a limited edition palette, so feel free to use violets of your choice.

With another fluffy crease brush, I used 'Naked' from Naked 1 palette of Urban Decay, in a windscreen wiper motion, in the crease, to buff out the harsh lines. Alternately, you can also use 'Soft Brown', from MAC as a transition color.

Blend blend so that there are no harsh lines.

I used MAC Black Track in Fluidline, which is gel liner, with a fine liner brush from Sonia Kashuk to line my eyes, and finished it off, with Maybelline Falsies Mascara. Always stick to waterproof mascara.

Nars Orgasm Blush is a wonder blush, as it is known to suit and flatter every skin tone and undertone across the g;lobe. So if you're starting your make -up collection, make sure you pick up one. That's a blush on which you can bank on any occasion. Diffuse it for a lighter look, or go heavy when you want to. Its a beautiful Peachy Pink with light gold specks in it. Its not a splurge,its an investment !

Last but not the least, the piece de resistance: MAC Pure Heroine Lipstick by Lorde. I lined the lips with MAC Nightmoth lipliner and then filled in with the lipstick.

The result as they say, is magic !!!

Whats not to love about looking good ! And Make Up can be your Best Friend !!