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All good things must come to an end and it was the final night of Kansas City Fashion Week Spring Summer '17. The Saturday night shows are the biggest and grandest if I might say so, and the attendees follow suit, and bring out their shimmery best. At least I did that. Stay tuned for a detailed Outfit Post on the blog soon.

The evening began with KCFW veterans and the favorite designer sister duo - Alicia Janesko with her Caftans and Jennifer Janesko with her jewellery. I remembered their collaborative show last year, and it was marked by the predominance of monochromes. So this time around they decided to embrace a new wild side. It was an ode to the jungles literally. Wild colors and sheer flamboyance took the stage. One of my favorites from the night.

The second designer of the night was another KCFW veteran Lauren Bander. She is known for her signature play with sheer fabrics. And this time around, with her Frangipani cutout details, she took us for a romantic beach party. She slayed yet again.

The third designer of the night was Madison La Rae, with her line La Rae fashions. Dont be fooled by her age, this young lady knows how to bring out romanticism with her range. She toyed with the trend of how lingerie can be an inspiration for evening wear. loved her attention to detail.

The next designer , Atelier Samosi, was a native of Georgia. her collection was marked by its use of velvets , embroideries and a distinct Asian influence. Her showstopper had a very vintage vibe, and the bloggers could not help but agree that she reminded everyone of Mary Poppins, if she ever went to China. If you thought velvets were big for this Fall, then I must add, it will surely be a big trend , next year too.

The next designer was Lucias's Sarto and her collection of wedding gowns. From the edgy bride who wanted to make a statement, to someone who wanted a more traditional approach, she had them all covered.

Next up was designer Julia Fischer. Loved her use of exotic fabrics and bright colors to create a statement. I know pant suits have been in the news politically, and it seemed Pant Suits got an exotic edgy lease of life with Julia Fischer's treatment.

Designer Sara Kahrs brought in earthy tones with floral cutouts for her Spring Summer collection. Playing with colors which are largely associated with Fall, for Spring, can be quite a challenge, and she handled the challenge pretty well.

The last collection of the night was another Design Collaboration . Jewellery Designer Christine Nelson's line  AnnMann Designs , was paired with outfits by designer Andrea Mary Long. Every ensemble had a spirit animal. What a finale it was !

What an amazing week of fashion it was. Stay tuned to the Blog, for some more Outfit Posts of mine from KCFW. 


Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all ! I am so Thankful to all of my fabulous readers like you. We hosted a Friendsgiving Dinner at our place. The menu was meticulously planned and executed by my Master Chef husband - Debashish. He loves to cook. He understands and appreciates food and ingredients in a totally brilliant light. Our Main Courses for the night were SLOW ROASTED GOAT LEG and CRAB GHEE ROAST.

Lets talk about Slow Roasted Goat Leg for this post. This is a specialty of my husband. Whenever he makes it, people cant stop raving about it. But its never been featured on the blog, so thought, why not. I know Goat is an acquired taste, but if you prefer lamb, you can just substitute it with Lamb Leg. In fact Lamb will cook faster than goat.

The Slow Roasted Leg of Goat(Lamb) is a Work of Art, a Labor of Love. You bring it in to your dinning table, you are bound to have your guests exclaim in delight.

When you go to your Butcher, you have to ask for a Leg of Goat or Lamb. They will trim the fat and the silver skin, and get it all spruced up for you. We picked ours up on Tuesday evening.

The key to a good roast, is the marination. How and When you do it , to be more specific. It does need 48 hours of marination. You have to realize, that ts a large hunk of meat on the bone, which does need its special treatment. The secret to a tender goat leg, is in a primary element in the marinade - Raw Papaya. Its a natural meat tenderizer. It actually does wonders. Make sure you make incisions along the meat, so that the marinade goes in, and it cooks evenly. While the raw papaya mixture is the first marinade, its followed by a second round of marinade the next day. And it was roasted on Thanksgiving Day,which was technically the 3rd day.

Without much further, let the Step by Step pictures do the talking.


Ingredients : 
Goat Leg - 1
Raw Papaya : 1 (Grated)
Ginger - Garlic Powder
Raw Ginger - 2 inches - cut into thick slivers
Garlic Gloves - 7- 8 (Cut in half)
Sugar - 1 tbsp
Cumin Powder
Coriander Powder
Fennel Seeds
Red Chili Powder

Pulao : (If you are making)
Rice - 2 cups
Poatoes : 2 - 4

Pat the goat leg dry with a paper towel. Place it on your roasting pan with grill tray.

With a sharp knife , make incisions along the meat for the marinade to sink in deeper.

Lightly smash garlic cloves and 1/4 inch pieces of ginger. Put them in the incision you just made.

Make a dry rub of ginger and garlic powder and dust it on the leg. Its all about building layers of flavor.

Grate or make a paste of raw papaya, and some more ginger and garlic. Goat has a very gamey flavor, so the ginger and garlic , help in neutrazing it. Or if you want, you can just use raw papaya, for this step.

Cover it with the raw papaya marinade on  both sides. Then tightly cover the meat in foil and let it rest in the fridge for a day. We did this step on Tuesday night.

We got the goat leg out of the metal foil covering on Thursday early evening, and scraped off the papaya marinade gently with the back of a spoon.

Then prepared a dry rub with cumin, coriander, fennel , red chili powders, and salt and sugar to taste. Liberally coat the Goat leg on both sides with this spice rub.

You could roast it in a pre - heated oven for 2 hours, checking every 45 minutes. Or could you roast it over a bed of rice ad potatoes, to make an instant pulao. Add a cup of water to 2 cups of rice . Place the goat leg on a grill, as shown in the picture. The goat drippings fall on the rice and it gets aromatic.

Get the goat rest for at least 15 minutes, before you start carving it. You could garnish with dry herbs or you could add some fresh cilantro to the final few minutes of roasting.

Sorry about the fact that there are not so great pictures of when the Goat was finally done. I was busy playing hostess, and later saw that none of the pictures were satisfactory, although a ton of pictures had been taken. I promise to update the post,whenever we make it next.

Bon Appetit !


When my Inbox says, its a mail for a meet up with my favorite blogger ladies, I am always super excited. Last week, I headed to Tulip, a boutique at the Country Club Plaza, for a lovely evening for mingling and networking and fun.

It was the Fall Meetup of The Blog Guild. Smiles, hugs, wines and chocolates, the evening rolled on at a great note. I am always in the mood to shop, so it was good to scope out the latest trends which were there at Tulip. They have a very impressive collection, I must add. From 15, to 50, they have everyone covered. If you're headed downtown, pay a visit to this lovely boutique, and you can thank me later.

There were a few booths set up by some other brands and local vendors, so we all made a beeline to stop at all of them. From Beauty, to home decor to artisinal chocolates, we surely had quite a variety. Not only that, there were also a few major announcements and a few giveaways.I usually never win at giveaways, so it was quite a surprise, when I won one of them. Yay !

Beauty Brands 
Coveted Home

What Blogger Meet up is complete without all the catching up . And where there are Bloggers , there are loads of pictures, right ! Some old faces, some new.

Huge Thank you to The Blog Guild, Tulip, and all the other brands and vendors, for such a lovely evening. 


Do you have all your Make Up shopping lists ready? The biggest shopping event of the year is just round the corner. So I decided to bring forth a new Beauty Review - Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon. Check out my brand new Review Video on Youtube .

I was sent these Lip Crayons by Bite Beauty and Influenster for testing purposes. Huge Thank You to them. Blogger mail is such a perk . When you hear the word, Matte, you always feel concerned are they going to be over drying. I have a dry skin, so that's a major factor with me. The product dries to a Matte finish, but its very hydrating. It does not drag across the lips, as some Matte formulas tend to do.
As far as packaging goes, they have that soft velvety matte finish, and are a decent size for any lip product. I liked the fact that they had a sharpener at the base of the pencils, which makes it easier to keep them pointy .

Coming to Color Payoff, I must say they are very pigmented. Here are the swatches with just a swipe across my hand. I have a warm complexion, and am a C2 in MAC's face and Body Foundation for reference.
From Top : Glace, Red Velvet, Cava
 Glace is a color, which was that My Lips but Better kind of shade.  Its described as a Dusty Mauve and is a great every day lip color.

Cava is described as a Lilac Beige. And it does justice to its purple notes. For me, it was the last favorite of the bunch I received. I prefer pinkish nudes as such a color washes me out.

Red Velvet 
Red Velvet was my favorite shade of the trio. Its such a wearable red. And its very pigmented. I received compliments galore, when I wore this shade out for a day in town.


I know everyone is crying hoarse for a Bomber Jacket. It has been on trend all year long, cutting across season. But when I was in the market looking for a new jacket, I steered in the exact opposite direction. Not that I dont like Bomber Jackets. No Not at all. I might be picking one up pretty soon. But my love story with Moto Jackets is an old one. I have quite a few in my collection,  I must add. Just like no two red lipsticks are the same, no two Moto Jackets are the same, even if both are black.

Its the GUESS Geonna Moto Jacket. And its not leather. Now that was a first for me. All my Moto Jackets so far have been leather. Its kind of a leather coated fabric which has a light sheen.

What drew  me to it were the detailing. I am a Chanel fan in all its avatars. The kind of quilting detailing on this jacket had a very Chanel vibe to it. t, In the same French spirit, I paired it with stripes and a bold red lip. Its such a classic combination, that its always flattering. Its no surprise that the booties had the same quilting detail going on The hardware is all gold .This outfit surely helped me bring out the hidden Parisienne in me.

I am petite, and when it comes to jackets I am usually a size Small. But when I was trying this Jacket on , I decided to go up a size. Somehow it made more sense with the fit and if I wanted to use it as a layering piece. Moreover the slight belly room, I got , made it easier to hide my problem areas.

I have been using it on repeat ever since I got it. Its surely an investment piece and I plan to get great wear out of it. When it comes to jackets and shoes, I always believe in investing in items which will see me through the current seasonal trend and beyond.



Orange Clutch ; TULIP