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Kansas City Fashion Week starts in a few days, and I wanted to pen down yet another outfit ost from last season. For my last night of KCFW Fall Winter'19, I paid an ode to Fall. It is always tricky how you plan your outfits for fashion week. Do you dress according to the season you are in or do you dress according to the season of the fashion week? As you know the Fall-Winter shows happen in Spring-Summer and vice versa. I try and pay an ode to either, in the various outfits I style for fashion week. 

Stripes have been on-trend across seasons. While for Spring-Summer, you might opt for brighter colors, the moodier darker stripes take center stage, during Fall. This particular top/blouse of mine had a good mix of colors/tones when it came to its stripes. You have lighter brown, rust and even dusty pinks, interspersed with whites. This makes it a great transitional piece from Summer to Fall, and you can wear it either off-the-shoulder- or not. It is flowy but boxy in a way, which makes me comfortable in my mom bod. Everyone has problem areas, and for me for midriff/tummy bulge is something which I like to camouflage.

I paired it with the quintessential Fall tone- Rust. A mini which offset the volume of the boxy blouse/ top. Some platform espadrilles, which carried forward the warm notes of the outfit.

Huge Thank You to Sabrine Dunne of Sabrina Dunne Photography for collaborating with me on this post. It was raining heavily all afternoon and evening. She took these amazing photographs of mine, against the backdrop of Kansas City downtown, just before the runway shows began for KCFW.

While I am missing the upcoming season of KCFW, for my husband's ongoing battle with cancer I shall cherish the wonderful memories of all the years and all the seasons. 



Kansas City Fashion Week is almost here. While its a big part of my annual calendar, I have decided to take a break, for a season. The reason: I have my plate full now. As many of you might know that my husband, is battling a very aggressive form of cancer. Being a  caregiver is often not the easiest job. So while I might be missing the upcoming shows next month, I thought of doing a flashback to last season. 
KCFW Fall Winter 2019. I had done my series of the Recap of the runway shows of last season, but I had not done the Outfit posts. So here we go.

We are almost at the end of Summer, and Fall-Winter will be here before we know it. Deciding your outfit fr fashion week can often be tricky. Do you dress up for the shows, or do you dress up whats trendy during the actual season? Fashion Week happens a season in advance, as you know it. So my Outfit for the Media Night of KCFW FW'19 was something which you could easily to transition from Summer to Fall.

Black and White! The iconic song was my inspiration for my outfit of choice. I am not an MJ fan per se, but I am a woman of color. I decided to shop my closet as I styled my outfits for last season of KCFW. The linen culottes have been a favorite of mine. Who does not love wide-legged cropped pants? I know I do. Whenever I am styling culottes, I try to balance out the volume. SO crop tops become an obvious choice. A white crop top with a Peter Pan faux leather collar, and a print which is a conversation starter. What's summer without some sunglasses right, and a top with a sunglass print is a no-brainer.
How do you play up the black and white? You bring in red and blue, of course. Red lipstick, red statement earrings, and blue denim covered mules, provided the perfect accent for the black and white outfit. Are you ready to transition your outfits from Summer to Fall? Stay tuned to the blog, for some more outfit ideas frm KCFW.

Photos by Deabshish Dasgupta and Sabrina Dunne. 


A building with history, a Chef's vision of a Midwestern bistro with responsibly sourced artisan fare, a hearth with live-fire cooking, bio-dynamic and vibrant wines and interiors to win any heart. Presenting Fox & Pearl, undoubtedly one of KC's most romantic dining spots. Located in 2143 Sumit street, in westside KC, this place is a must, for every foodie in town.

Chef-owner Vaughn Good and his partner Kristine Hull opened the doors to one of Kansas City's most anticipated restaurants, in July 2019. The couple resides within walking distance of the restaurant, which takes its name from the middle names of the couple's two daughters. Owner. designer, and events manager Hull wanted the space to have a sense of timelessness, which suited the building and the neighborhood, in creating a restaurant which they hope will become a tradition.
We were invited for a soft launch of the restaurant before it had opened its doors to the public. Me and my plus one, had a great evening, soaking in the history, enjoying our dinner surrounded by lush greenery. Chef Good and his chef-de-cuisine Issac Hendry created a variety of small plates for us to savor. 

My plus one was under 21, so bar manager Katy Wade created a refreshing virgin drink, for her. It was so pretty with its beautiful summer colors, and it received a thumbs up, from my mini foodie.  I tried out one of their signature cocktails for the evening - Bois Bois- Cognac, Amontillado Sherry, Chamomille, Sparkling Wine. 
The restaurant features multiple seating areas for you to choose from. And did I mention that literally, every corner is Instagram perfection! 

Main level/bar, upper kitchen level separated by a wide staircase, intimate speak-easy style bar in the basement, and a secluded but spacious patio. The interiors are awe-inspiring, with the cognac leather couch seats/boots in the bar area, to the plush green velvet booths downstairs, the wisteria-covered trellis of the patio to the curated plant collection, which almost makes the restaurant an urban oasis. And if you are downstairs, you can't miss the vinyl collection or the charcuterie room.

Sampled a few items from their amazing menu. I could write an entire article on just the Cavatelli - smoked pork jowl, tomato confit, grilled fennel, Prairie Tomme Cheese. I could have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, all weekend long. It was that good. I was surely in pasta heaven with this creation from Chef Good.

Fried green tomatoes with green goddess packed a potent bite. Loved the contrast of the tartness of the green tomato, with the crispy fried texture. It paired very well with the Bois Bois.

Porchetta, grilled peaches and onions, and mint-ginger salsa verde. 

Last but not the least was the Smoked pan-seared Pork Terrine - fig leaf honey, roasted garlic aioli, buttermilk biscuit. You have the option of adding an egg if you want. 

In addition to responsibly raised and house-cured meat, Fox & Pearl's seasonally inspired menu offers Missouri trout, crispy fried chicken, and nearly a dozen vegetable dishes. Desserts will change, though Chef Good's house-made ice cream will be a staple.

It was definitely great to bump into fellow foodies and some other local Chefs over some great food. Waiting for my husband to finish his fight against Cancer, so that we can all dine there as a family, soon. Fox & pearl is surely one of the hottest new places in Kansas City. Have you made your reservations yet?

Bon Appetit ! 


What's Summer without the weekly grill sessions! What makes Summer even more special when one of your favorite celebrity chefs, sends you her latest range of BBQ sauce to make your grilling sessions even more exciting. Ree Drummond or Pioneer Woman is a big favorite in our home. We love her homes style cooking and storytelling. She recently launched her range of BBQ sauces and I was so excited to try it out. Bold ingredients and a whole lotta love are how I can describe the sauces.
Ree launched four different flavors of her bbq sauce, and I was fortunate enough to try out one of them - Honey Habanero. The other three flavors are Frontier, Peach Whiskey, and Apple Brown Sugar. As Ree herself says, the Honey Habanero sauce has the sweet heat of Summer day with honey to balance out the flavor, and a nice kick at the back end. "A little bit of sweet cuts through the heat," definitely applies to this delicious spicy bbq sauce. he homey flavor of honey combines with hot peppers to create the most magnificent glaze. 
Be it grilled ribs,  oven-baked salmon, or pulled chicken, this bbq sauce is a great choice. When I did a taste -test of this sauce, I loved the interplay of sweet-heat and wanted the perfect protein to pair it with. A quick trip to our local grocers and I came home with the most beautiful jumbo Gulf shrimp. Kept the tail on, but cleaned the shrimp to prep it for its date with the grill. Marinated the shrimp with the bbq sauce, a dash of fresh lime and some lime zest. Shrimp as an ingredient is one which can turn from cooked to being over-cooked in a matter of seconds. So I was extremely careful of the cooking time and the grilling temperature. Grilled the shrimp on the lesser hot part of the grill for around 5 to 7 minutes, till I got a nice color.

Some chopped scallion and we were ready for taco night with our honey habanero grilled shrimp. The flavor was definitely bold. I love spicy food, and when I saw habanero, I had expected the flavor to be spicier. However, in Honey Habanero, the honey was surely more prominent. It does have the kick of heat, but I only wish it was a bit spicier. The natural sweetness of the Gulf shrimp was good to pair with the subtle heat of the habanero and the richness of the honey.  

 The sauce is packaged in a glass bottle, with a beautiful team top. Even the packaging screams Summer big time. I would love to try out the other three flavors soon, on some different kinds of proteins. Peach-whiskey baby back ribs are on my wishlist, for sure. this range of bbq sauces by Ree will surely join my rotation of sauces for Summer. Happy Grilling folks! 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free, for testing purposes. Thank you Influenster and Pioneer Woman


Red, White, and Blue! As I was working on this post, the US Women's Soccer Team won their fourth FIFA World Cup this morning. The second consecutive win. I cheered hard and loud and wiped away tears as they finally won the tournament. When the team won, everyone won with them. What an inspirational moment for every girl growing up in this country. Thank you for lifting the Gender in Soccer with your brilliance Team USA. So proud to be a girl mom, a soccer fan and a supporter of Team USA.

It seemed to be the perfect time to share my outfit post of what I had worn for the 4th of July this year. It was Red, White, and Blue indeed. But it had been my mom style appropriate. My daughter had a bike parade, and I needed to wear an outfit which was convenient enough, for me to push her bike, as she drove uphill, at certain spots. Isn't that symbolic in a certain way! We all want to be there for our daughters when they need that push while going uphill in life.

I styled a graphic tee, in red, white and blue from a local boutique- Frankie and Jules. When I had picked it up, I knew I would want to style it for July 4th. My trust denim mini skirt, which I love to wear at this time of the year. My dark red wedges paired well in completing the outfit, along with my red statement earrings by Bayble Bar and my quintessential red lips. I shall forever style my hair's natural texture, as I love celebrating me. A lil sea salt spray goes a long way, in letting my curls be.