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Goat curry is a staple for the weekends for Bengali foodies. Whipping up a batch of fresh coat curry has this satisfaction which is quite unmatched, in terms of nostalgia. While everyone has their own version of a Sunday Goat Curry, I decided to switch things up a bit, this week. A few months back, a unique combination had caught my eye on my newsfeed. It was Sukanya Ghosh's Chukandar Gosht or goat curry with beetroot. It had been on my wishlist of recipes to try out.
I love my share of vegetables, but beetroot is not something which does not make it .way to my shopping cart, at the grocers. Winter childhood memories have their share of soups which my Mom used to make. When she used to add beetroots to the mix, the color took on jewel tones. Also enjoyed pickled eggs in beetroot juice at Phillipe's in Los Angeles. But, I personally didn't cook with it, ever since I started cooking. So thank you Sukanya for pushing me out of my comfort zone, with your unique Holi offering. I must add that my version of Chukandar Gosht is a bit different from her, both in terms of how we treated the ingredients and how he cooked it in general. Now I am inspired to try cooking goat with a combination of a few other root vegetables.

As I was researching this recipe, I came across the fact that it was originally made with Beef, and can be easily subbed with Lamb. My husband is a foodie himself and a great home chef. Almost a decade back, he perfected the idea of braising goat in the oven. Goat takes longer to cook, and the pressure cooker is an easier alternative. But for people like me and my husband, we do not like our goat cooked in pressure cooker. We slow cook it in the oven, after an initial step on the stovetop. My Le Creuset Dutch Oven(Linked at the foot of the post) is the perfect vessel of choice when it comes to cooking meat Indian style.
Be it Butter Chicken or Goat Curry, we have seen the difference it makes. And if you are cooking  goat curry for a party or for many people, try removing one of the racks of your oven and cook the goat curry in a large stockpot. Sudeshna of Cook Like a Bong had visited our home a few years back, and she has been telling me for years, that I should blog about these goat curry hacks with my readers.

Without much further ado, let's jump in the recipe.


Goat Meat: 2 lb, cubed, skinless. Can be subbed with Beef/Lamb
Red Onion: 1/2: finely chopped
Ginger Paste:  1tbsp
Garlic Paste: 2 tbsp
Tomato: 1: finely chopped
Cumin Powder: 2 tsp
Coriander Powder: 2 tsp
Red Chili Powder: 1/2 to 1 tsp(according to heat preferences). Can be subbed with Paprika for reduced heat.
Cilantro: chopped, for garnish
Canola Oil
Birista/Fried Onion: 1/4 cup
Beet Root: 2, cubed.
Green Cardamom: 4 - 5
Cinnamon Stick: 1
Bay Leaves : 3
Cloves: 4 to 5
Mace: A few

Pre-heat the oven to 350F.
In a dutch oven, or a heavy bottomed vessel, heat oil, over medium heat. Add in the aromatics(whole garam masala and bay leaves), and a teaspoon of sugar. Once the aromatics get crackling and sugar is caramelized and not burnt, add the chopped fresh onions.

Give everything a stir and let the onion caramelize to light brown around the edges.

Add ginger and garlic paste, chopped tomatoes, blend of spices. Mix everything and let the masala fry up(without getting burnt). You can also cover and cook the mix for a couple of minutes for it to lose the rawness.

Next, come the mutton pieces and the beetroot cubes. Season well and mix everything.

Here comes my twist. I added in 1/4 cup of Birista, or fried onions at this phase. I used the store-bought version, as it was handy in the pantry. Feel free to make from scratch.
Cover and cook on the stove top for around 15 minutes.
Open the lid and add 2 cups of hot water, and put the lid back on. Put in the oven and slow cook for an hour, or till the goat is tender, but not mushy.

Reduce the gravy to being thick and dry. Season with freshly chopped cilantro.Serve with Naan or steamed Basmati rice.

Bon Appetit!

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Saturday nights at Kansas City Fashion Week are always super special. The craftsmanship, the detailing, the sheer stroke of creativity on the runway, creates the perfect mood. Fashion reaches a crescendo. A great week of fashion come to a close. Its also the last opportunity of the season, to hang out with the familiar faces, who have almost become like family. When I was making my KCFW plans for this season, I knew Saturday had to feature in my plans. Ever so thankful to KCFW management for featuring me on their media list, for yet another fabulous season.

What do you wear to the finale? How about we chat about it in details in the next post?! Luckily it wasn't raining, as it was on Thursday evening. But it was FREEZING! The fact that I had left my jacket in the car and didn't become an icicle myself, is surely a wonder.

The gates opened and it was time to mingle and head to our seats on time. Saturday evening featured some popular KCFW veterans, so it was exciting to wait and watch, what they brought forth this season.

 The evening began with crowd favorite Nataliya Mayer's Lucia's Sarto. Her silhouettes are always so romantic and so feminine. The floral brushstrokes on the runway were a breath of fresh air. From greys and blush to greys and crimson, with just a touch of new age bridal gowns, what a start to finale night!

Being a Mom, I always look forward to a designer who specializes in kidswear. Tulle needn't just be in my tiny dancer's Tutu or in my wedding dress. Designer Megan Wheelock's line Ethel and Dean juxtaposed tulle with edgy accents to set the mood for Fall.

Next up was designer Jill Patton's My Heirloom Bridal Design. Loved the play of ebony and ivory throughout her collection. Victorian style met boss babe on the runway. Loved her black jumpsuit and can see myself wearing that for the New Year eve celebrations in town. I could go and on about every outfit in the collection, and how perfect it was. Clearly one of my favorites for the evening.

The favorite of the evening, and also an all-time favorite of mine - TR Brown. This lady outdoes herself every season that she presents. Who can forget her Chelsea Girls collection from last year? She carried forward the retro vibe but added in a heavy dose of spunk in her new collection, called GRL PWR. Girl Power it was on the runway, with her choice of colors and her attention to detail. Take a bow, Tiffany!

Oak Park Mall sent some of their current Spring-Summer favorites on the runway, which was a change from the Fall Winter collections, which usually roll out at this time of the year, at any Fashion Week.

Can you please tell WHY are FANNY PACKS back again ?(insert sad-faced emoji)

Sara Kahrs debuted her menswear line, along with her womenswear, on the KCWF runway. It was the perfect balance of sophisticated and edgy with her mix of textures. Loved the rust and the touch of dark teal, paired with wool and ombre. Kara Colosseum rocked this rust trench which also opened to become a cropped jacket!

The final designer of the evening was Georgina Herrera with her jewelry line MCK Brands. She surely gives the phrase "Statement Jewelry," a new meaning.  While every necklace and earring was stunning, what took the cake, was your jewelry as an outfit. How about a golden bustier and a silver metal dress to close KCFW for this season!

Thank you to all the sponsors for the amazing Media Swag bag!


It is time for the much-awaited recap of the runway shows of Kansas City Fashion Week. I attended Thursday and Friday evening runway shows of KCFW this season, along with the Kick off at Kindred Boutique.

Pantone's Meadowlark was my anchor piece when I was outfit planning for Thursday. If you want to read about how I styled my Outfit, then Click HERE.
After I had dressed and was ready to step out, it was raining. Why do I never check the weather forecast properly, I mumbled as I drove downtown. I had missed KCFW last season, so it was so good to see some of my favorite familiar faces once again.
 My top picks of the evening were House of Pamela Renee,Wear Liv and Hannah Kristina Designs. Let's take for a detailed recap of the evening.
I am a self-confessed Body Positive champion. I have been a size zero for many years, till I became a Mom. Now I am happy and comfortable being a size 4. But in this transition, I did have to fight off my share of body-shamers. So when an evening of runway shows at fashion week, begins with a plus size designer, I think that's a great stride towards the whole body positivity movement. A beautifully curated plus size collection, by Whitney Jones - Wear Liv, was the perfect start to this season's Fashion Week adventures for me. Dr. Amber Botros slays in this red hot number, which is just magnificent. The touch of tropical colors, interspersed with jewel tones, was refreshing. Jones has a way with fluidity and fabrics, which makes her quite unique. Brownie points, when one of your friends, slays the runway, in the show.Go, Antonia Martin! 

I have a preschooler, who loves everything about the solar system, and galaxies beyond us. Its one of our favorite bedtime stories. Tonya Pesch's line Nokota Style brought the galaxy to the runway. A largely monochrome collection, inspired by the celestial forces and accessorized with the aptest hairstyle - space buns. Loved the variety in the collection with its cropped pants, fringed jackets, layering vest and flowy long dresses. Can I plan my Fall holiday now, please? 

A designer who has her own song! When the models of Pamela Renee took the runway, one couldn't help but notice the custom song. Being married to a musician, I could tell that it was a good song.
Coming back to the collection, Pamela Renee has a way with textures, which is very rare and carves out its own aesthetic niche. From the creams to the browns, she took us on a Fall-perfect journey. Did I mention that not only did she have womenswear, but also menswear in her collection? 

The next designer was Overland Park-based Rachel Pollak, with her line Rachel Pollak Designs. Her designs embody a great integration of classic and modern fashion. She brought in fur, slits and cutouts, ruching and so much more. You might have heard of over the thigh boots, but Rachel brought in, over the thigh cutouts, in her collection. And the fact that Fall florals are here to stay, was so evident in her floral paneled dress.

Oak Park Mall took the runway next with cute and sassy outfits for kids, styled by American Girl, Disney, h&M kids, and Justice.  I was surely taking notes of what I can add to my daughter's next shopping list.

After the kids, it was the turn for the men to take the runway at KCFW. West Frens by designer Lydia Loya proved her niche with tailored menswear suitings. Color blocking for Spring-Summer has been quite popular, but West Frens brought in color blocking for Fall-Winter in menswear, with military greens, camel, greys, and black. Fashion forward but relevant with a touch of fun, for the millennial man.

Iowa based Hannah Swanson took the runway with her line - Hannah Kristina Designs, specializing in evening wear for women. Evening wear need not just be your gowns, was what the designer stood for. Her collection played with sheer details, and rich tones, it played fitted with flowy, it played monochromes with color. Loved her play with greys and midnight blue. Clearly one of my top picks of the evening.

Last but not the least, was Lenzanita Couture, by designer Anita Kealey., who has been a strong proponent of sustainable fashion.  She created a collection of contrasts with textures and color, using re-purposed materials. Loved how the collection started off with citron tones and wool, to give way to grey lace.  It started off with a more casual ready to wear vibe, to finally end with haute couture. A fitting finale to the evening!

Huge Thank You to KCFW and all the sponsors for the amazing Media Swag Bag !

Stay tuned to the Blog for more updates from the Front Row of Kansas City Fashion Week!